Training with Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover

Recently myself, and many other Queensland based Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts, had the opportunity to take part in a seminar and train with the dynamic Jeff Glover. This was one of the most beneficial periods of my Jiu Jitsu journey. Not only did we learn new techniques we were also shown how to efficiently perform these techniques, such as the deep half guard and the darce choke, with greater precision and detail otherwise missed when viewing YouTube and DVD clips. Aside from these techniques, the most I learned from training with Jeff was and alternate approach to sparring Jiu Jitsu, which, previously I was never aware existed. Jeff moved in a way which felt like water, he was so hard to control and relentlessly attacked from all angles, which often left me baffled in mid fight. Training with Jeff has given me many new ideas with which to play with and integrate into my own game.

While Jeff was in Australia he, and his girlfriend Amanda, stayed at my house in Burleigh Heads. It was a fun week. I enjoyed their company very much and was pleased to find that Jeff and Amanda were really cool and fun people who I was able to share many laughs with. It was very cool of Jeff to visit Full Metal Jiu Jitsu and take part in our open mats, rolling with many of the students in the academy. Every student found this to be a great honor. I saw vast improvements in all of those who rolled with Jeff and those who took part in the seminars. As a team we all grew.

Upon leaving Australia Jeff presented me with a gift. I was given the Gi that Jeff had worn in his recent win over Jiu Jitsu star Caio Terra. This was an exciting match in which Jeff won. Even more amazing as it was Jeff’s first in a Gi in four years. Receiving this Gi was amazing and I will never forget his kindness. Myself and everyone at Full Metal Jiu Jitsu will never forget the week that Jeff and Amanda came to visit us in Australia.

Lucky Gi

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