Developing an effective attitude towards learning and improving in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Developing an effective attitude towards learning and improving in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Those of you who have been involved in and embraced the lifestyle of Jiu Jitsu will have no doubt come to the realisation of the amount of time and dedication it takes to progress in your journey towards whatever your goals maybe. Whether you want to advance to the next belt level, compete, add a new technique to your game, counter a technique you consistently succumb to or merely understand a concept you have been previously taught; you will come to understand you need time and effort to actualise these goals. In saying this it is important not to become a victim to the notion that only time on the mat will lead you to reap your rewards. Time on the mat is imperative, but your progress success relies on a more in depth factor. Quality time. Quality time is not restricted to mat time but spreads to your time off the mat as well. Just like studying for a test at university, your thoughts and efforts off the mat will influence your progress and techniques in Jiu Jitsu just as much as your time on the mats.

Believing and only relying on the idea that as long as you turn up to class and go through the motions you will eventually progress is a fallacy, many a student of the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle submit to.

This is why we, as students, must learn to trim the fat. Make quality decisions based on our games and lean more towards activities and research that will evolve us as grapplers. Though Jiu Jitsu is still young in relation to other martial arts, we are still able to learn objectively from others who have progressed through their own trial and errors, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Do not be afraid to ask questions of those you respect and admire in the game. Consistently losing time repeating the mistakes of others, which could easily be avoided through research and thought process, will only detriment your progress in the long run. The globalisation of Jiu Jitsu through the internet has made it possible for us to gain this information and use it to our advantage. While it is correct not rush through your progress, it is also equally correct to actually progress. Stagnating in your development should never be an option in Jiu Jitsu or in life.

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