DSC_6654_12BJJ Sub Only Comp

Held every two months at The TOUGH Spot Albion or West End.

The BJJ Comp is a small exclusive comp and limited to only 24 people maximum and white and blue belts only.

The comp respects the IBJJF rules however it is different because:

  1. competitors start on their knees (to get straight into the action).
  2. competition is submission only, no points are taken into consideration (less stalling, more action and thinking).
  3. competitors need to draw 4 random submissions out of a hat and they’ll add their favourite submission as a wild card making a total of 5 submissions in their arsenal during the match of which they need to perform 4 in 4 round robin matches.
  4. official weight divisions are not taken into account, match-ups are created by taking years of training, belt colour, number of stripes and weight into consideration.
  5. competitors will know prior when and approx. what time they’re up, giving them ample time to warm-up.
  6. a group warm-up and stretch is offered to make competitors more at ease and making sure they are warm.
  7. standing up after match has started is allowed, however, guard jumping is not
  8. jaw pressure is not allowed other medium pressure to slide the hand under the chin.
  9. feedback of competitors is taken onboard.
  10. prize pack will be handed out fairly, no matter what the result

KHOAS at The TOUGH Spot is a mini pre-comp to the Submission Grappling League of which The TOUGH Spot is a major sponsor.

Feedback we received overall was 100% positive.

“Today was a great comp everyone bought their A game which was great. I really enjoyed the round robin style format which meant that you got to roll with just about everyone and got plenty of mat time. I would love to see a comp like this running quarterly. I think that quarterly keeps you active enough but also gives enough time between comps to add to your game.”

Ashley Stevenson

“I had lots of fun competing today. Staff and organizers were awesome, fighters had great experience & made the competition challenging with a fantastic vibe! I’m looking forward to doing it again…”

Daniel Booth

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