Core Tactics 34S Shower Gel

Core Tactics 34S shower gel.

804478_10208332944579058_1111559767_nI believe that Jiu Jitsu, much like other things in life, has positive and negatives associated within its pursuit. We must decide whether the positives outweigh the negatives in order to continue engagement. Trading off the many positive aspects such as improvement to health, wellbeing, friendships and self confidence against the inevitable injuries, bouts of politics, trolls on your YouTube videos and the fact that after class you are most definitely covered in more foreign DNA than that found in a roadside Gold Coast motel room during schoolies season. Fortunately there are products available to combat the ill effects of the accumulated DNA pot-pourri specifically catered to mat loiterers. One of those is the 34S Shower Gel from Australian based company Core Tactics. Recently I was sent some samples of this product to test out in my very own laboratory and part time Australian Idol audition rehearsal studio (AKA my shower).  

I have always been drawn to most things by their aromas. I am particularly fond of citrus, mint and tea tree like scents. The 34S shower gel first gained my favour for this reason. I had been running around alternating between having the bottle under my nose, snorting like “Add any NRL team name here” on mad Monday, and ramming the bottle in the face of my friends screaming, “Smell this! How good is it! Did you smell yet? SMELL IT!”  It had passed my first test with flying colours. Speaking of colour, the bluey green hue of the gel sparked a sense of refreshment in my brain and it took great restraint on my behalf to refrain from chowing down on the gel. Yes I was one of those kids that ate his Play-Doe and tubes of mint toothpaste. It’s ok, I was able to keep my colouring in between the lines.

Upon returning home that night I was extra excited to get in the shower and pamper myself with the respectable treatment I deserved. I am usually always excited about this, but with the new gel I had extra enthusiasm for the sudsy procedure ahead of me… I really hope I am painting for you the innocent image of showering true to how it appears in my head (Get your mind out of the gutter creep!) Without too much detail on my rubbing and scrubbing technique (you-gutter-out of it!) I felt very clean and refreshed while entertained as the cylindrical shape of the bottle (Dead set get your head outta that gutter or I’m walking) provided a handy microphone prop for my spectacular acapella rendition of TLC’s “Waterfalls”.

The product promises to reduce the risk of minor infections from staph and ringworm and to keep the skin moistened. Dry cracked skin is usually a by-product of anti-bacterial treatments though so far it has held true to its promise over the past few days and I have found my skin appearing as supple and soft as the whites of a hard-boiled egg.

In all seriousness probably my favourite part about this product is the fact that it is produced by an Australian company founded by martial artists. They also sponsor a number of Australian fighters. As you may know any support to our community will always earn my seal of approval as I believe the support should be reciprocated to help promote exposure and recognition of our current and upcoming competitive talent.

Core Tactics 34S Shower Gel

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