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ZachHospital2Please check out BJJ communities story about a competitor in Queensland, Australia, who sadly suffered a dreaded spinal injury. Zac was at every comp to be held in Queensland recently, distinguished by his trademark dreadlocks and aggressive style.

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What Happened?

At the QBJJ league competition this year Zac, was in his 1st round match when he attempted a hip toss. His opponent came forward more than expected and Zac lost his balance. The result being both of them coming down on Zacs unprotected head on an almost 90degree angle to the matt. Zac lay motionless on the main mat, with 000 dialed immediately. It was almost an hour till Zac was abled to moved, and then taken immediately to the PA hospital.

Emergency surgery was performed upon admission to relieve pressure on Zac spinal chord, the diagnosis post operation indicated Zac had a complete fracture dislocation of C4 and C5. This means he has feeling down to almost his elbow, but no sensation or movement anywhere below this.

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