50-50 Rule Change

“This disgusts me and makes me want to sleep when I watch these matches WTF. I’d rather lose than win fighting like this!!” These are the words from multiple Abu Dhabi and IBJJF world champion Rodolfo Vieira sourced from BJJ Eastern Europe from his original post on his Facebook page. Rodolfo was voicing his disgust about the use of the 50/50 guard in competition. He was not the only fighter to have a less than favourable view on the position. I found another quote from Xande Ribeiro also on the BJJ Eastern Europe webpage stating, “It looks like two idiots on a seesaw”.

Jiu Jitsu Grand Prix

How We Roll would like to congratulate Vicente Cavalcanti for his victory at the Jiu Jitsu Grand Prix today Sun the 20th of July 2014! Vicente is a top competitor in the Australian BJJ scene and also the co...